PCI DSS European Road Show
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PCI DSS European Road Show 2012

In todayís challenging business environment, small and medium-sized merchants often don't see the value in investing in regulatory compliance. Those who do try to comply often struggle with their compliance journey and PCI DSS is no exception to this.

The 2012 edition of the PCI DSS European Road show with Jeremy King  will impress upon these merchants the value, necessity and benefit of PCI DSS compliance, by drawing together industry experts in the field. 

Attendees will hear presentations and Q&As about the following topics:

  • Why is becoming PCI Compliant necessary and beneficial?
  • Merchants feedback and field experience on how they became and remained compliant with PCI DSS
  • What do acquiring banks want to see Merchants do and do they convince merchants to embark on their compliance journey?
  • Relevant fields of technology where PCI DSS plays an active component.
    e.g. Near-field Communication (NFC), Mobile Banking, etc.
  • Or any relevant topic which will add value to the Merchants PCI DSS compliance process

The event develops on the themes of the 1st Annual PCI DSS European Road Show from February 2011, and provides outstanding opportunity for networking, education and sharing of ideas. This 2nd Annual PCI DSS European Road Show is a fantastic platform for you to learn and network in an environment focused on PCI DSS for merchants.

Why should you attend the PCI DSS European Road Show?

  • Ensure you donít pay fines from your Card-Processing Bank.
  • Discover what tools are available to you in your PCI DSS compliance efforts
  • Learn how to leverage these tools in your company.
  • Hear first-hand accounts of the difficulties faced by other companies in their PCI DSS compliance effort, and how these were surmounted.
  • Form Valuable Partnerships with QSAs & PCI DSS service providers
  • Design and implement a PCI DSS continuous compliance strategy
  • Influence PCI SSC by providing them with feedback

So, where do you sign up?
To register for an event, please <a href="/mysitecaddy/site3/contactform


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